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Claudia Mareis

Dear Cluster Members

this is my very first blog entry and I would like to welcome you on the MoA Blog also in the name of Wolfgang Schäffner, Peter Fratzl and Horst Bredekamp.

We are excited that this new instrument is now available to us and we are looking forward to reading your contributions.

Please do not be shy to publish your own blog entries!

This blog is really something that we should use and develop in a way that best meets our needs for internal exchange and communication. Also, if you have any suggestions or wishes for improvement in this regard, please let us know!

Especially now in times of Covid-19, where we can mostly only see each other virtually and from a distance, this is a great way to keep in touch and exchange ideas and common interests.

On behalf of all speakers, I send you warm greetings and hope that you are in good health!

Claudia Mareis


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