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Khashayar Razghandi

“… The filter topic is interdisciplinary by nature, and can be approached from various perspectives of physics, biology, materials sciences, as well as cultural history, media theory, information philosophy, and so on, and any reductionist explanations might miss the larger systems and processes at work.

The objective of this work, was on one hand, address the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the topic of filter, and on the other hand, to develop a novel trans-disciplinary model of filter that is based on an active and comprehensive understanding of the phenomena to systematically rethink the ontologies, ecologies, activities, and value systems associated with filter.

To fulfil this, the approach was, while having a historical dimension in perspective, explore a variety of examples from contemporary developments within a wide range of research projects in the natural and social sciences that investigate filter materials, filter systems, and processes.


Research Structure
Figure 1. Structure of the research. Schematic presentation of the rationale and structure of the research; with a historical dimension in perspective, explore a collection of various filter phenomena from various fields and scales operating at material and symbolic level, to develop a systemic and Active Model of Filter phenomena, that could serve as a ground for a more comprehensive analysis and synthesis practices.


A comprehensive Active Model of Filter is then built on the thorough study of the examples, to elucidate various aspects of the phenomena in the fields dealing with the term, and encourage further analysis and synthesis.

Such an Active Filter Model would, on one hand, serve to address and assist a broad community of academics and industries in better understanding filter models within their activities, and developing more responsible practices thereupon, and on the other hand, can open new perspectives on locating and addressing the filter theme within a diverse realm of knowledge such as Active Matter, thermodynamics, abiogenesis, biology, ecology, information philosophy, media theory amongst others…”

Rethinking Filter: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Typology and Concept of Filter, Towards an Active Filter Model., Razghandi, K.; Yaghmaei, E., Sustainability 2020, 12, 7284.Sustainability 2020, 12, 7284.




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