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Eva Schmidt


Matters of Activity (From Top to Button, Left to Right): Bacterial Curtain. Copyright: Bastian Beyer and Iva Rešetar; Visualization of the cellular network inside a compact bone. Copyright: Andreas Roschger & Richard Weinkamer, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces; Medallion commemorating Lorenzo de’ Medici: Felt hat and two daggers, after 1537. Copyright: Arthor’s Archive; E. Coli Colony Biofilm. Copyright: Michelle Mantel for »Matters of Activity«; Crochet Model of a Hyperbolic Plains. Copyright: Regine Hengge; Wax Mulages, Copyright: Michelle Mantel for »Matters of Activity«

We open our doors to a virtual Cluster space and show our laboratories, 3D presentations of selected research objects and current research topics in 360° formats. Pre-recorded video lectures from the natural sciences, the humanities and design disciplines will be launched in so-called »Knowledge Rooms« followed by »Live Q&A« in Zoom.

View all abstracts on the following page as well as the access to the virtual conference space on the morning of November 11th:
There is no registration needed beforehand. We are very happy to see you all digitally and are looking forward to trying out this format together.


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