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Clemens Winkler
»Notes from Tomorrow«. credits: RCA London 2022
»Notes from Tomorrow«. credits: RCA London 2022

Tomorrow, a seminar at the RCA London, I am guest lecturing on “Subtraction and Reductionism for Future Design” is starting with a symposium open for registrations, for those who might be interested in the topic:

“Notes from Tomorrow: Positioning Design Practice within Paradigms of ‘Reduction’: In the age of climate collapse, a comprehensive and radical approach towards design production is imperative. The Post-Covid era constitutes a new paradigm, providing a new set of environmental and social challenges for designers. The symposium will triangulate between; a ‘post-design’ world, ecological systems, material reduction and community empowered responses.”

Date Time: Feb 17, 2021 12:30 AM CET
12:30 CET | Patricia MacCormack / Les U. Knight in conversation with Alon Meron
15:00 CET | Bailey Richardson / Andrew Merritt in conversation with Dr Rob Phillips
18:00 CET | Paola Antonelli /Timothy Morton /Jan Boelen in conversation with Dr Delfina Fantini van Ditmar



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