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Frank Bauer
NMI 2021

During the coming four days, the New Materialist Informatics Conference 2021 “Computing and Worldmaking” will bridge disciplinary boundaries between informatics, humanities and social sciences through innovative, material-driven perspectives. Maxie Schneider (working group of Cluster PI C. Sauer at Textile and Surface Design/KH Weißensee) and myself are giving a workshop titled “Constraints as Chance”, looking at data formats, French potential literatures and design-driving SMA wires, hopefully learning something about how to see the bottlenecks of our work as something positive, after all. As a contribution to the panel “Transdisciplinary Methodologies and Interventions”, I will also talk on the ontologies of material versus manufacturing data. And especially for anyone interested in the entanglements of technology, material and gender, there are many other fascinating talks from Felicity Colman to Safiya Umoja Noble to explore, so please feel invited.

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