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Mareike Stoll

The wonderfully inspiring artist Marie von Heyl recently invited me to contribute to her podcast series “Eclectic Engineering”. The episode is now online.

There, we talk about the aesthetics and politics of the gaze. Based on my research on photobooks of the Weimar Republic, we discuss to what extent the ambivalence of photography demanded and still demands a literacy of seeing. We talk about anti-muses and the gendered gaze, about the interplay of haptics and optics, and ask with McKenzie Wark and Rachel Aumiller whether an ethical space beyond binary divisions can be opened up from play, aesthetics, and eroticism.

Marie describes herself as “Berlin based trans-disciplinary artist who works on subject-object-relations and the productive inadequacies of language.”

Happy listening!

Marie von Heyl: Eclectic Engineering Episode 14: Der Blick (mit Mareike Stoll) 
Marie von Heyl


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