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Maxime Le Calve
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Dear friends of the ferment-activity club,
After the success of our Kombucha Refresher (which was so refreshing!), we want to invite you to a new gathering. Our next session will be a “Kimchi Party”.
In the second episode of our online workshops series we will cut vegetable, listen (to people, and to vegetable being cut), talk (mostly to people). Together we will feel and explore the depth of the Kimchi making process.
The Workshop is taking place this Wednesday, 26th of May, 3pm and will last 90 minutes.
Meeting-ID: 628 4300 2640
Passwort: 561668
We will be guided through the practice by Alexander Trabert and Yoonha Kim.
Please give us a heads up, if you’re interested and write to Anne Delle ( to receive a list of ingredients.
Many of you have received a bag of Korean chili powder for the Shelf Life workshop, it’s now time to make use of it.
We still have a bunch of them at the cluster, please let us know if you need some.
Can’t wait for this new immersion into the fermentation universe!
Highlight from the Kombucha Refresher session: Cluster PI Jörg Niewöhner happily shared with us his mixed feelings regarding his Kombucha brewing practice.
Maxime Le Calvé
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