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Maxime Le Calve
MoA, Wikimedia Commons


Dear Ferment-activity Club, 

A huge thank you for to Alex and Yoonha, as well as to all participants for the amazing Kimchi Session. Don’t be sad if you missed it – we are planning a Kimchi Party II.
For our next session, we will explore  the shiny world of water kefir crystals. Antje Nestler will share her practice with us on the 16th of June, at 4pm. Save the date!
Similar to Kombucha you will need a starter culture to begin your water kefir. We are currently growing them and we can hand them out to interested ferment-activists at the cluster. Please reach out to Anne Delle ( to coordinate the grain transfer.
As the kefir is quite easy to handle, all you need is sugar (and time, and care). For the kvass and for the dandelion drinks, we will post a few recipes in the coming week.


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