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Hanna Wiesener
“m/z/w”, Prof. Carola Zwick

We would like to invite you to the final presentation of this years Design Studio Project ‘measuring/counting/weighing’ supervised by Cluster member Prof. Carola Zwick. The presentation will be streamed on July the 7th from 4-6pm:

The measurement of the world forms the basis for many processes of cognition and evaluation. Alongside science and economics, which are based almost exclusively on quantitative methods, measuring, counting and weighing have crept into almost all areas of life. Digital technologies support this process by enabling sensors to make even more precise measurements, chips to store series of measurements and algorithms to interpret these data.
Data series can be overwhelming in their quantity and misleading in their apparent precision. Moreover, many measurements depict processes that are imperceptible to the human sensorium, making it correspondingly difficult to communicate the insights gained from these measurements.
Long-used units of measurement derive from the body: hand width, cubit, foot, or refer to experiences from the physical world: knife tip, candle, horsepower, acre, or create relations as to a match or a soccer field.

In this research studio project we explored the possibilities of digital measurement techniques and linked them to the multi-sensory experiences and interactions, thus discovering new qualities in quantification. This was done critically on the one hand, and radically pragmatically on the other, with the goal of developing new hybrid measurement instruments and transforming measurement data into comprehensible information.

BA+MA students
Yugang Dong
Sarah Leicher
Wei-Ping Lu
Brigitte Melek
Jasper Neukirch
Leon Schoeler
Justus Weber
Jiawen Yao
Ran Zhang

mentoring team
Prof. Carola Zwick (kh berlin, MoA)
Olaf Thiele (kh berlin)
Felix Groll (eLAB kh berlin)
Prof. Mika Satomi (eLAB kh Berlin)
Hans Illiger (Alela)

midterm advisory panel
Maxime LeCalve (MoA)
Prof. Barbara Junge (kh berlin)
Hans Illiger (Alela)



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