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Maxime Le Calve
Joanna Khandjieva

Object Space Agency (Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity”) & Stadtlabor for multimodal anthropology (IfEE) proudly invite you to a student project presentation from the “Multimodal Ethnography. Anthropology beyond text” seminar (coord. by Maxime Le Calvé & Tomás Criado)

Wednesday 7th July 2021 14:00-15:00

The Labyrinth of Multimodality is an online world made out of heterogeneous digital materials which breaks with the linear, single-sited, single-ended epistemology. It’s a thought-provoker simulating a gamified approach for the ethnographic and for other knowing endeavors. As a learning project, it aims at making palpable and experienceable the challenges and opportunities of multimodal anthropological practice. Using open-source software, we have created a low-tech and playful 2D virtual environment conducive to encounters and conversations. This space is structured through the topics of the projects which were conducted during the seminar — fermentation practices, modern witchcraft, and digital mourning for human remains collection in Berlin. After a tour and a discussion around the modalities and possibilities of this specific type of cyber world, Joanna will give an overview of the tool that she has used to create this space: WorkAdventure.

Public Bricolage Session with Joanna Khandjieva, introduction and moderation: Maxime Le Calvé

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 663 1536 8241   Password: 579896

Join our guided tour in the Labyrinth of Multimodality!

Joanna Khandjieva + MoA


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