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Khashayar Razghandi

“…the key is the paradigm shift, from seeing the monsters of biology not as autonomous closed systems (subjects), with individuated characteristics (properties), influencing and shaping their habitats and artefacts (objects), but to see them as open, entangled dynamisms and performative structures within a larger meshwork of ontological relevances…”

“Rethinking Growth: A Bio-inspired Take on Monsters” – K.Razghandi

WFSF World Conference - The Openness of Futures
WFSF World Conference

This Friday 29.10.2021 four of us will be giving a team talk at 24th WFSF World Conference “The Openness of Futures”:

“Alternative Monsters and the Probability of the Impossible”

„…the monstrous (etymologically from “moneo”, to warn in Latin), can be thought of as a warning about biological and political life marked by a displacement outside of normativity. Once this monstrous perspective is recognized and organized, we take into account the process of staging monstrosities in order to warn, to point out, some biopolitical relations that we live within contemporary societies and that we would like to break, to open…“

Cristina Voto  &  Rodrigo Martin Iglesias  &  Khashayar Razghandi  &  Christian Stein


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