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Hanna Wiesener
Jakob Kukula

Interdisciplinary intro workshop
14.07.22 from 10am-7pm
by Jakob Kukula (DesignfarmBerlin

The Spree is home to a unique diversity of life. It is Berlin’s largest and also most threatened ecosystem. In the face of climate change and its resulting ecological, social and political consequences, the protection and revitalization of the Spree are essential for Berlin’s sustainable urban development. A healthy Spree benefits not only plants and animals but also human livelihoods and ensures a high quality of life in the city. 

To bring about a social-ecological transformation, we need convincing design approaches for Berlin’s water bodies. The goal of the workshops is to create the technical and scientific basis for the regenerative development of the Osthafen. 

What is the role of the Osthafen in a climate-resilient city? 

What are the current socio-ecological challenges of the site? 

What would be the maximum achievable ecological condition? 

What sustainability potentials can be leveraged?

What does a regenerative future for the Spree look like?

What are the technologies and strategies to achieve it? 

What spatial, technical, and socio-ecological limits need to be considered? 

What would be the benefits of a clean and accessible river for Berlin’s inhabitants (humans and non-humans)?

In this workshop, we will address these questions from a critical perspective to identify the complex ecological realities of the Spree in the context of the Osthafen, its limits, and opportunities.

The results of the workshop serve as an analysis of potential and will be translated by the initiators, Jan Colomer, Ralf Steeg, and Jakob Kukula into a detailed urban design that will effectively improve the ecological situation of the Osthafen with smart, subtle but effective interventions.

Jakob Kukula studied product design in Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. His awarded master thesis “Spreeboje Berlin” was supervised by Prof. Nils Krüger and Cluster Associate Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris.

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